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At one time, there were scores of logging railroads on Canada’s Vancouver Island. One had to be the last… and it was the Englewood Railway. Pentrex takes you back to 1990 for an up-close visit to the Englewood Railway (owned by CANFOR in 1990). See logs move from forest to sea on a 76-mile railway that is the backbone of a modern forest operation. Visit the dispatcher’s office and Ride the cab of unique diesels on the log train. See 2-8-2 No. 113, a steam engine that still hauls logs occasionally.

Sadly the Englewood no longer operates, but Pentrex adds to the original show with photos and video from the last days of the operation in 2017.

A bonus is the 1937 industry film “Trees to Tribunes.” This vintage film shows the amazing transformation from standing timber to paper for the pages of the Chicago Tribune.

Englewood Railway

  • 80 Minutes

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