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For almost 100 years, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway operated a rail barge slip in the Port of Vancouver. In May of 2009, Southern Railway of British Columbia took over the rail barge and the operations until the end of December 2009. Elevation Media has captured the historical moments of Southern Railway of BC’s brief appearance in Vancouver, from the barge job working in the Port of Vancouver to the transfer job running from New Westminster to Vancouver.


The Barge Job
We join the crew of the Vancouver barge job as we head from South Yard in Vancouver, down the Burrard Inlet Line, and into the Port of Vancouver. Watch as the crew unloads a barge and then returns to South Yard to finish the day.


The Transfer Job
We travel along Canadian National’s New Westminster Sub from New Westminster to Vancouver. Not only do we watch the journey, but we ride along in the cab of SD38AC # 381.

From a cab ride along the New Westminster Sub to exclusive footage of unloading the Barge Job, you can’t find another program like this anywhere!

Southern Railway of BC (SRY) Volume III: Vancouver Operations

  • 65 Minutes

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